Jotting down notes into text files that can be saved to the cloud is extremely convenient however many still opt to jot their thoughts or quotes from meetings down with a pen and a piece of paper.

The tech industry has come up with various gadgets aimed at people who prefer taking notes the old ink and paper way. There have been tablets based around using a stylus to smartpens capable of recording what you write in action saving you the effort of snapping a photo of your notes when they’re written.

The latest gadget The Equil Smartpen 2 is aimed at the latter community. A Bluetooth-connected pen with a charging case, and a little receiver unit that actually records what you write from the margins of whatever you’re jotting things down on.

Utilizing its mobile and desktop apps, you can take down notes, get a PDF quality copy, change what you wrote into plain text, and upload to any app you prefer within seconds.

Equil’s transcription software isn’t always exactly what you want but if you’re the kind of person who simply has to write down notes by hand, it’s nice to know there’s a copy of your work beyond the piece of paper that could be scrunched any second.

The design of the Equil Smartpen 2 draws inspiration from Adobe’s Ink & Slide and a little of Apple’s folding iPad screen covers can be found in its aesthetic.

It’s a sleek pen with a beautiful package but I wish Equil had taken the brushed aluminum design of Adobe’s own stylus for its pen. That stylus felt far better in the hand in terms of its feel and how it sat in the hand.

That stylus costs $30 more than the Equil’s $169 and is aimed at designers and artists hooked into Adobe’s Creative Cloud, not just any user who just wants to save their physical notes and doodles on a form factor besides paper.

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