Reddit has bought Alien Blue, which is a popular mobile application reader which allows redditors to browse Reddit on the run. It’s turning the Alien Blue application into an official mobile service, alongside the Reddit AMA (ask me anything) application it released in September.

Reddit has never had an official mobile application, with tons of third-party Reddit apps flooding the app markets, which is a surprise since the user-generated content website/forum/place of awesomeness has been gracing screens across the globe for almost a decade (!) and had raised $50.1 million in venture that had just come recently, but they have been a marketable company for many years now.

It seems as though Reddit is maturing and has started moving beyond and relinquishing its humble beginnings. Readers and redditors are consuming content on the go more with each passing day, which means their PCs are starting to rust (well not really, but let us be a bit facetious for now) and any online user-content-generated tech company that wants to have any hope to grow further will pretty much have to have a stellar app.

It’s not a surprise then that Reddit’s first major move as a majorly cashed up and background funded company was to take on the mobile titan. It hasn’t been a month since Reddit announced the funding deal, and the sale proves to all that Reddit it isn’t mucking about with dancing around developing a more mature product and that they are tackling it head-on.

Reddit execs will surely make it so that future changes to the site, and the latest survey rollouts (which redditors in the droves filled out and had to answer questions such as :where do you most view Reddit and on what device) will prove that although the company hasn’t tipped its hat as to what these moves will be, they are coming for sure.

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