Google’s Chrome was my browser of choice on iOS. But when I got the iPhone 6, which is larger than it’s predecessors it didn’t scale as well on to the larger screen but there is a software update that remedies this and has better support for Drive files created and shared within the Chrome browser.

iOS’s Chrome users have an update in store for them and if you bought the new iPhone and want to keep using your favorite browser, you’ll definitely want the new version: Google optimized Chrome for Apple’s larger iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens.

Usuall I use Chrome on all of my gadgets but since acquiring an iPhone 6, I’ve had to go back to using Safari. You might be asking why. Well… it’s because both content and browser settings didn’t adequately scale to the new screen dimensions of Apple’s iPhone 6 and Plus.

Instead of Chrome being a comfortable experience on my new phone, It felt very strenuous on my eyes as text and buttons were simply too big. But after installing the update, everything is back the way it should be and my eyes are comfortable once again: Everything looks the way it should and still looks as sharp as ever.

Google has also upped Google Drive support in Chrome for iOS, now you can download or screen Google Drive files right in Chrome, which resembles the experience of the Drive for iOS app almost identically.

Checking a thumbnail for a file on the iPhone fuctions just like the way it does on Chrome for PC, meaning the file pop sup right in front of the browser window, and you can scroll around and view text or images in this space. Maybe they will bring GIF support (only joking). A simple tap of the X at the top right of the file and the window transitions out of the screen.

Drive support is such a big bonus for people who love using Chrome like I do. The Drive app works just fine as it is required but adding proper scaling support for the new takes the cake and is the reason why I’ll be strumming along with Chrome on all of my Apple devices.

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