According to a recent American Customer Satisfaction Index survey those devoted to the Desktop PC are more satisfied with their computers than laptop and tablet owners are.

The category of personal computer satisfaction as a whole, however, appears to be somewhat gloomy. The yearly score of satisfaction dropped 1.3 points to a score of 78.

Laptops suffered a much heavier drop in satisfaction, dropping four points to 76 out of a possible 100. Tablets dropped a single point, to 80. The best performer in the category was desktop PCs: With the only gain, they regained the lead at 81.

These statistics show a possible reversal of a trend that has long been shifting toward everything mobile. Mobile devices, from phones to tablets to  watches and bands, is where the industry and consumer focus has been.

PC shipments last year declined by 9.8 percent worldwide, which represented the most severe shift yet in the market. However, that was slightly better than the 10.1 percent decline IDC had a projected.There are several drivers behind ACSI's recent numbers that could account for this shift: "A lot of households have foregone buying new PCs for many years because they were spending their electronics budgets on mobile devices. Now they are needing to upgrade their PCs because the desktops they have are too archaic to use," as was explained in TechTimes.

Desktop PCs have made great strides in processing and graphics and in other aspects in the last few years, which may not have caught the attention of many users.

Again, in TechTimes it was stated: "So they are pleasantly surprised at what they can do and their quality, compared to what they used to own, and hence their satisfaction is higher." It seems that user satisfaction with tablets is declining for the opposite reason – there is simply too much expected from tablets.

"Tablets are still, at heart, a consumption device, not a computing device,"  it was stated in The E-Commerce Times. “When people do try to adapt their tablets for work, they find the experience is not seamless”

Also, not all tablets are the same when it comes to technical specifications and ease of use. "Frankly, the Android experience stinks." Which might be a true statement, since Android tablets are yet to bolster the same buttery and seamless interaction that Apple’s iOS offers. In spite of the latest trends, ACSI does not see much potential for significant leaps in market share for the desktop.

This has to do with the fact that PC makers have shown few signs of taking advantage of consumers' affection fort hem, especially in the gaming World, which could be said is the most devout team of people to the desktop PC.

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