Google introduced a new feature in beta just recently and with it Google’s idea of what a notebook should be – The Chromebook – is now able to access files directly from an Android phone or tablet by using micro-USB technology. The stable version of the OS will add this new feature along with enhancements made to touchscreen interface interaction.

Due in part to a software update that Google will starting releasing in packages on this month, all Chromebooks can communicate with Android devices much easier.

Chromebook’s Stable channels newest  update in Chrome OS includes this capability, which was launched earlier in the beta channel.

The latest Stable update is for Chromebooks only says Google and those with Chromeboxes will have to wait a little while longer. After installing the software, MTP support will be enabled.

The file transfer protocol used to transport files between Android phones and tablets between computers is what MTP is. The new Chrome OS version will enable the files of an Android phone or tablet to appear in the Files application of Chrome OS which is similar to other storage alternatives and be readily available to be moved or accessed as needed.

Although moving files between devices is pretty simple thanks to cloud storage, email or Dropbox and similar apps, using a USB cable is almost always a faster and easier alternative.

Also the fact that it won’t be eating into your mobile internet allowance which could be limited depending on your service plan makes it a better option for those with smaller data packages.

The only disadvantage in all of this is the fact that you’ll have to lug around a USB cable with you to use the latest updates feature. If you don’t have a USB cable handy, AirDroid can always help you in a pickle.

It was also noted by Google that the updated Stable Channel includes a set of features to enhance touch screen accessibility. We still don’t know what these are but even if you don’t have a touchscreen Chromebook, this latest update is still worth keeping an eye out for all the latest security and MTP features.

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