If you’re a busy body and move or exercise during the day, you should think about turning that motion into storable energy, and that’s just what Ampy doesfor you. An Ampy in your pocket and can have a fully charged portable battery for your device of choice.

A portable battery charger that needs only 5 minutes to get enough juice to charge a Note 3 device has been asked for since I can remember but Ampy takes almost all day just to top up the battery, only provides another 3 hours of juice for a phone. The difference in this device, is that it doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall charger at all, it simply uses all that energy that would otherwise g oto your waste on your long walks and your shuffling around the Office.

Ampy is a small battery pack that can comfortably be worn throughout the day. Take 10,000 steps and you’ll fill up the battery inside the Ampy, and although it doesn’t cost much to charge your phone (I think it was like $5 a year to charge a device) you could even save on that too!

Simply walk to work instead of driving, or cycle if you have a bike and you can walk away from paying to charge your device ever again. Other devices can also be charged by Ampy it can recharge a smartwatch to run for another day or a GPS device for an additional two days.

Ampy has a small cell, a circuit board and patented inductors that turn your motion into storeable kinetic energy. Ampy is so tiny that it can fit in your pocket or you can wear it with an armband or clip. You could plug it into a wall outlet to charge it as well, in case you’re wondering about becoming physically dormant in the near future.

Ampy is seeking funds on Kickstarter and the project started is seeking to raise $100,000. Backers can get an Ampy for $75 now, or $95 price when Ampy hits the shelves next year.

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