Apple has invented a new method for a computing mechanism to stay connected when a bendable screen is actually bent or warped, according to a new filing put forth by the USPTO today. They have patented this new invention and in the filing the specifics define the fashion in which new flexible screens can relay input commands by bending, meaning it can send a message with a specific way of bending the screen.

Specifics within the filing also bring light to other prompts as well including resizing and readjusting the display of the phone to be better suited to the new size of the system after it has been bent.

Pairing a few flexible displays to one another has also been touched on, the method of storage for them including tube packaging, GPS triggers being used in unison to the triggers to activate location-based ads to give viewers a more immersive experience of their environment.

It  seems like this new technology might be fit to be used to create digital magazines, newspapers and tabloids, and the file explains it to be used as a digital periodical and even in some parts as an advertising medium and these references can be seen throughout the patent filing.

HJ Laboratories was the original patent owner of this technology and it seems as though Apple acquired its International Patent before HJ Laboratories went under. Both inventors of inventors of the technology, whose names were listed in the filing now have separate positions in other companies and have moved on over the past few years. They do not however work at Apple, nor have they ever had positions in the company.

It seems like Apple’s acquisition of this invention possibly means that Apple’s looking for ways to shore up its own flexible display research and development efforts, or that they have predicted a field in which flexible screen triggers and adjustments would be lucrative. In any case something more sophisticated would be entering the market soon if Apple decides enter the market of flexible displays.

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